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LED Energy Efficient Lighting


Energy Efficient Lighting

Fully designed lighting solutions tailored for your premises, supplied & installed with ongoing warranty support & service contracts.

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LED Energy Efficient Lighting

What we do

  • Survey

    A detailed site survey is undertaken to establish existing luminaire types, quantities, light levels, consumption data & control systems.

  • Design & Analysis

    Our in house design team work with the survey data to produce a design tailored for your project. Our proposals highlight anticipated ROI, Energy & Maintenance Savings. Our designs look to maintain or improve existing light levels.

  • Installation

    Whether a New build or Refit installation we work around you to ensure minimal disruption to site operations, often working at night to ensure this.

  • Commissioning

    Our lighting commissioning engineers expertly integrate the various control systems employed to integrate with your smart building.

  • Handover

    Our project management team handover the project including updated site record information as well as carrying out any client training required.

  • Answer any questions

    If you'd like to just have a preliminary chat, please get in touch.

LED Light

LED Lighting

The products supplied from our manufacturing partners providing the right luminaires to meet project and client requirements.

Lighting Control Systems

Maximising energy savings through the implementation of advanced lighting control systems.

Lighting Control Systems

up to 70% on lighting energy consumption

5 Year
long product warranties as standard

Why Us?


CleanTech Specialists

Our focus is delivering clean technology solutions for energy conscious organisations.


Custom Solutions

We determine the right solutions based on detailed analysis of your business needs.


Supplier Neutral

We are not aligned to any specific suppliers so you get the right product for your project.


National Coverage

Our engineering team supply, install and maintain our solutions across the country.


Expert Engineers

Our highly skilled electrical engineers are City & Guilds trained, fully accredited and insured.

Penta Process

  • Analyse

    Understanding client requirements via various analysis methods is is the fundamental foundation to a successful project.

  • Design

    A thorough detailed design and planning process from project inception ensures outstanding delivery.

  • Install

    Our health and safety focussed, qualified engineers work hand in hand with you and our project management team to ensure consistent first class on budget project delivery.

  • Service

    Whether initial tender stage, project delivery, client training, warranty support or ongoing maintenance, Pentalec prides itself on providing the highest level of service.

  • Improvement

    Constant evaluation of client requirements, industry standards and working practices with a focus on providing an ever improving customer and employee service and leading the way in project delivery.














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