Many of our customers are on the pathway to net zero carbon. As a specialist decarbonisation contractor, our experienced teams have supported the transition to reduced carbon intensity to a wide range of workspaces. Our decarbonisation services are tailored to optimise your building’s energy efficiency with the added benefit of reducing energy costs.

These services include installing solar panels, air source heat pumps, EV Charging points, and LED lighting and lighting controls upgrades. Our installations use the latest technology provided by industry recognised suppliers who offer the highest quality equipment and end-user support following installation.

We will look to understand your reduction targets and sustainability goals as a business, providing cost-effective, sustainable solutions that address life-cycle costs through the expert installation of innovative energy systems. Whether you are at the start of your net zero journey or looking to deploy additional measures in line with Government targets, Pentalec’s decarbonisation expertise will assist you in achieving cleaner and more cost-effective business operations.

Decarbonisation Services

Solar: Ever-advancing battery storage solutions in conjunction with PV panel arrays can deliver a robust renewable energy source. Many organisations are benefiting from the energy and cost-savings derived from commercial solar installations. Our solar teams can design and install to suit the energy requirements of your building, working to achieve the highest quality finish on diverse types of roof structures.

 EV Charging: Electric vehicles are rapidly contributing to a worldwide shift in focus towards environmental decline. We offer a wide range of chargers through our trusted suppliers that are efficiently installed to support your staff and visitors as they switch to electric vehicles. We can advise on the most suitable chargers for your business as well as end-user support and charger maintenance. As an electrically biased contractor, we are proud to be supporting the transition to greener transportation across the UK through our commercial EV charge point installation services.

Air Source heat Pumps: As an efficient low-carbon alternative to traditional heating systems, this renewable energy technology offers notable benefits to our customers. Air source heat pumps do not depend on burning fossil fuels to create heat, resulting in reduced carbon emissions, lower energy bills and less maintenance. When powered by our solar panels, we can ensure that your heating is 100% renewable.

LED Lighting: This is a highly recommended first step towards sustainable operations. Upgrading traditional lighting to LED can offer significant energy savings of up to 90% and last 25 times longer than traditional technology. With a specialism in lighting and a team of in-house lighting designers, we can create optimal lighting solutions for any environment.